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Pet Cremation Prices

All of our cremations are conducted individually, and the beloved animal's ashes are returned in a scatter box. Our pet cremation prices are as follows:

Minimum charge £100
Cat/Rabbit £125
Small Dog £150
Medium Size Dog £200
Large Dog £250
Extra Large Dog £350

Additional Charges: Caskets with plaques start at £25, appointments after 6pm are £30, appointments on Sunday or Bank holidays £50. All prices include VAT and include an ashes to scatter memorial box.

Various caskets are available as shown on the caskets page.

An example of the breed of a small dog, is a Tea cup terrier, a medium Spaniel, large German shepherd and Extra large Great Dane. If the size of your pet is between those categories the cost will be between the prices shown ie a Poodle, between small and medium would be £175.

pet crematorium yorkshire

Don’t Cry for Me When I Am Gone

So, though I give you all my heart,
the time will come when we must part.
But all around you, you will see,
creatures that speak to you of me;
a tired horse, a hunted thing,
a sparrow with a broken wing.
grieve – and help (I know you will)
and somehow, I will be with you still;
and I shall know, although I’m gone,
the love I gave you lingers on.

pet crematorium yorkshire
A Compassionate And Dignified End To A Very Special Friend