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We are a small family run pet crematorium, based in tranquil countryside between Leeds and Bradford, we are easily accessible from any part of Yorkshire and for almost a quarter of a century we have provided a service for bereaved pet owners by undertaking individual pet cremations whenever the need arose.

We do not carry out any multiple cremations whatsoever and we can therefore guarantee that the ashes returned to our clients are only those of their pet. It is because we deal with each pet on an individual basis, that we can treat your pet with the same love and attention that you have given it throughout its life and ensure that it receives a dignified cremation.

pet crematorium yorkshire

People who have not been lucky enough to experience the companionship and devotion of a loyal pet cannot start to understand the importance that pet owners place in knowing that their pets’ earthly body is treated with the utmost respect.

We have always had pets around us and unfortunately had to experience the same emotions that pet owners feel on losing their pets, because of this understanding we treat every pet with the same attention as if it had been our own.

pet crematorium yorkshire

We Are Here to Listen, and Help

We all try and cast thoughts of losing our pets from our minds, but unfortunately it is inevitable that one day that sad event will take place, and we are told by clients that it has been helpful to them to be able to speak with us and discuss their needs beforehand rather than try and make arrangements when they were sad and upset from their loss.

If therefore you feel that you may need our services please contact us, we are always on hand to try and help, or give advice on anything you may require. Our animal friends teach us more than we could have ever expected and loves us more than we could ever have hoped… and that’s why we miss them more than we could have ever imagine

A Compassionate And Dignified End To A Very Special Friend